Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I went to CHKD for a splinter. They cut me open but I was sleeping. I felt bad when I got the splinter.

This is me at  CHKD.I am asleep, getting my surgery done for my splinter.
When I woke up I was very sleepy and was ready to go home!

Look!I am wearing the same thing!She is my american girl.Yes, we are the same, my mom ordered her as an 'just like me doll'.She has caramel hair,and I have caramel hair.She has blue eyes,andI have blue eyes.She has medium hair,and I have medium hair. 

This is me and Thomas.Thomas has been friends with me for now 2 years.Thomas and I are great friends.

   I was a kitty cat for halloween.I think I was cute!Do you?Oh yah, this is my friend.Kaylee.we are good friends too.