Monday, December 28, 2009

My girl scout smock! Im going roock

climeing next moth.

Im eating fride ice creme!!!!!!!!!! With debby and belly.

I like ice scading.

For CHRISTMAS.... were in our pjs!!!!

At scool i made a ginger bred hous. YUMMMMMMYYYY


  1. Livie and I love the picture of you in the Daisy smock. Olivia has one too, she is in Troop 10319 what is your troop number? Keep up the great blog! We love to read it.

    Livie and her mommie

  2. Hi Carly!

    Just now catching up with your blog and you are doing a great job! You are doing so many fun, interesting things. And love, love your pics. :) Especially like the one with pjs and Santa. Keep up the good work!

    Miss/Mrs. Jill